ISO 14001

We manufacture various petroleum products and chemical products, mainly naphthenic base oils.
We act responsibly from raw material procurement to product shipment, and work to supply safe and secure products.
We will strive to respond to diverse needs and contribute even more to the development of industry and society.

【Quality policy】

We manufacture high-quality products that meet customer needs at low prices and provide a stable supply.


ISO 9001

In order to maintain and improve environmental conservation, and to reduce environmental impact such as energy conservation, we have established an environmental policy and are conducting environmental conservation activities.

【Environmental policy】

1. Basic philosophy

Our factory works to maintain and improve environmental conservation based on sustainable corporate activities that are in harmony with nature and the local community.



Based on the safety and health policy, we are conducting activities and promotion centered on the "safety and health committee".

1. Safety and Health Policy

In order to ensure the safety and health of our employees and achieve zero occupational accidents, we comply with relevant laws and regulations, company standards,
We will comply with the "three items related to safety" and conduct corporate activities (judgments and actions) that give top priority to both safety and hygiene.

2. Three safety items

(1)   Absolutely keep what you have decided. (Observance of guidelines and procedures, company rules, laws)

(2)   Pay attention to unsafe behavior and rule violations without hesitation.

(3)   If you are cautioned, correct it obediently.